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Terms of Use


Terms of Use



This is a passion project for me, intended to go wherever it ends up going through sheer love and trying to listen to 'what it wants to do'. But it's just me here, so consequently, fulfillment-times may vary slightly based on workload, and other things going on in my life. Whatever the case, I commit to punctuality both in communication, and to a delivery time-frame of under 2 weeks per order. 

Additionally, I reserve the right to temporarily close up shop when I have need or see fit.  Whatever the case, my clear, efficient, and timely communication will remain unchanged, and any changes in operation I make will not come at the cost of any orders placed before said changes are made.


My mission is to provide you with high-quality shirts fulfilled to your specifications. If your shirt arrives in a way that does not fulfill those specifications due to my error, I am happy to create a new, corrected shirt at no further cost to you (once you have returned the t-shirt in question to me). Beyond these specific circumstances, all sales are final, and are not subject to refund, or replacement.


All information about orders made through this site, whether names, contact information, number of shirts ordered, even the types of specifications you give for your particular shirt, is confidential, and not shared in any way with any third party or parties whatsoever. All communication from me will be via my personal email address (no mass or advertising emails, ever), to your personal email address, after you provide it to me on the "Contact" form on this site.  Any and all contact information will be used solely for the purposes of fulfilling your order, and will be stored solely for archival purposes upon completion of the order.


No financial transactions are made directly through this site, and at no time will sensitive or personal financial information of any kind ever be requested, shared, or transmitted in any way. Transactions are made off-site through such third-party services as PayPal and Venmo, and only after personal email communication has been established with me via the "Contact" page on this site. All financial transactions are therefore secured by the respective platform that will be used.

All drawings and art images ©2017 Jon Froehlich